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ADHERO - Taking advantage of influencer network to promote brand awareness

ADHERO - Taking advantage of influencer network to promote brand awareness

The rapid development of Social Media has led to the evolution of PR - advertising through the goodwill of the influential individuals on social networks as well as famous bloggers. A compliment, support from these individuals can impact on consumers’ behavior much more than a simple advertisement.

1. Who is Influencer? What is Influencer Marketing?

An influencer is an individual who has the ability to influence the buying decisions of others due to factors that they own or are perceived by the community such as power, knowledge, status, or relationship. In the context of growing social media, Influencer has a large number of followers on one or more social networking platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to spread information to everybody. The more influential the influencer is, the more attention they will receive from the brands. 

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing by using influential people in society to convey the message that businesses want to send to targeted customers. Instead of advertising directly to a group of customers, you can use Influencer Marketing to spread the message through their social media channels. The content of the message may be written by the influencer himself or may also be compiled by the business.

Whether being a large or small business, harnessing the power of an influencer is a must. Not only do influencers help businesses reach customers easily, but they also increase users' trust in their brands. Especially with newly launched products and services, the use of influencers in the marketing campaign also helps businesses to be effective in reaching potential customers and attracting the public's attention immediately.

One of the great advantages of using Influencer Marketing right now is that you don't need to have a big budget - the most important thing here is to learn how to make use of Influencer Marketing effectively and must choose the "right" Influencer for the campaign. That is the purpose of Adhero.

2. Adhero - Choose the right Influencer for your campaign

Born with the desire to bring Influencer into the branding process to change the traditional marketing and brand communication, Adhero focused on building "Service Objective" to learn how to use SNS and social networks. Assembly of Generation Z, thereby analyzing their lifestyle and purchasing habits. Adhero has discovered that Millennials (1981-1996) and Z (1997-2012) are the main users of the new media. The advertising industry of the future depends a lot on their buying habits and brand communication.

Adhero believes that the brand's success stems from detailed magnetism. Therefore, the company has launched and developed Brick-C (Brick up contents with influencers) to understand the needs of customers as well as the market, and at the same time overcome the weaknesses, such as lack of media strategy. Although it has only debuted for more than 2 years, Brick-C has achieved some impressive numbers, such as: owning more than 38,000 influencers (equivalent to about 2,000 subscribers per month), working with nearly 2,000 domestic and international customers also score 4.6 / 5 when it comes to satisfaction.

It proves that Brick-C must possess excellent features, which are difficult to find on other platforms. The first feature is the accurate price calibration system represented by automatic quotes based on account analysis and automatic calibration system based on previous campaigns and influencer account development. The second feature is the brand matching algorithm with the appropriate influencer "Brick Meter". Finally, Brick-C is a 100% automated platform throughout the entire process.


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