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Why should you have your own mentor?

Why should you have your own mentor?

In today’s life, many times we have heard the title “mentor”, from domestic and foreign reality TV programs to the mass media such as newspapers, social media, etc. So who are mentors, what are their roles and why do we need mentors for ourselves?

1. What is a Mentor?

Mentors are the people who support you in your work, family, or daily life. Mentor are people who walk by, guide and bring useful information for you to develop in a more positive way.

Nowadays, even when applying for a job, people always rely on the advice of their mentors to make the most perfect CV and reach their dream job in the easiest way.

2. Training vs Coaching vs Consulting vs Mentoring

Many people up to this point still do not understand or confuse the concepts mentioned above. Let's find out the similarities and differences between these concepts with KIMC.


Suitable for collectivity

Suitable for individualSuitable for individualSuitable for individual
Number of participantsGroup1-11-11-1

Standards of guide

- Have broad knowledge and experience in the field of training

- Can be an external consultant or internal training specialist or direct manager

- A coach is not necessarily a senior or an expert in the field of coaching

- Can be an external expert or a direct manager

- Have experience, knowledge, and expertise in the field of consultancy

- Usually an external expert

- The former leads the latter based on their experience in the field of mentoring

- Can be an external expert or a direct manager

Participants' problems

Have no knowledge of the field being trained yet

- May or may not have knowledge of the field being coached

- A coachee is the one who understands his problem the most and has the ability to solve the problem, only that they are "stuck" in their thoughts and recognizing the problem

The problem has not been resolved yet due to limited knowledge and experience


The problem has not been resolved yet due to limited knowledge and experience

Deployment method

Systematize and provide knowledge/methods to perform a task, and have a clearly defined goal

- Through the process of asking questions, the coach will help the coachee stimulate thinking and awareness to change the perspective of the issue, create motivation to optimize the potential of the coachee to work more effectively

- A coach will not give advice or solutions to the coachee

- Diagnose problems, then use the knowledge and experience of the consultants to propose solutions for you to implement

- Sometimes the consultant is also the one who will implement the solution for you

- Give advice and guidance to mentees

- Mentor can combine training, coaching, and consulting to help mentees

ApplicabilityTraining sometimes does not have enough time to apply the skills and knowledge have just been learnedCoaching is a great way to help employees apply what they have learned to the workApplicability depends on the experience of the consultant and the competency of the participantApplicability depends on the experience of the mentor and the competency of the mentee

3. Why should you have your own mentor?

- A mentor helps you understand yourself growing or falling back

Because the mentor will always be with you, it's easy to see if you are moving forward or backward and have the most appropriate advice. If we encounter new problems at work, mentors will quickly help you see the bad points in thinking and acting. Each person often has a habit of being too lenient and too strict with himself, so it is rarely possible to recognize the negative or positive points in himself. But if you have a mentor supporting by side, the way you go will be less arduous.  

- A mentor is an experienced former with a lot of helpful advice

As the article mentioned above, mentors are the ones who participated in the "war" so they are very rich in experience, then you will learn valuable sharing and knowledge. Change yourself when you find the mentor's advice appropriate for you.

- "Mentor" is not merely a "title"

In addition to the above two main points, mentors can help you with a lot of problems. Mentors are no stranger, they are the people that are close to you, the people you love, the people who are willing to help and share difficulties with you. Specifically, the mentor might be your boss, a friend who you meet by chance at a seminar, etc. Do not tie "mentor" to a specific title but mentors will be with you for a very long time.


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